Pressure Washer Detergents

At Professional Cleaning Systems we offer a comprehensive selection of industrial-grade chemicals from Landa, Hotsy, and KO Manufacturing. We also have our own line of chemicals and soaps specially formulated to meet our customer’s needs.


HandyHelper’s CHISEL is sugar-derived, low odor, fast actng cleaner and concrete remover specially designed for industrial concrete trucks and equipment.

HandyHelper begins immediately at dissolving tough concrete scale, reducing truck weight, preventng heavy build-up, and keeping the fleet looking clean.

It rinses easily and cleanly with water, making clean up quick and easy. This special formula is low-odor making cleaning easier for everyone. It’s safe on

steel, glass, and paint, allowing it to be used on the entire vehicle, tools, or equipment.


BD-6 is a high quality, concentrated cleaner/degreaser that contains an organic solvent to help dissolve grease, oil, mold, mildew, soap scum, etc. It is very effective in cold or hot water, high pressure washing of mobile homes, RV’s, trucks, trailers, buildings, etc. It is also an excellent pre-spray for use on extremely difficult cleaning jobs and will clean engines, vinyl, white wall tires, stainless steel, aluminum, painted surfaces, floors, walls and counter tops. The corrosive inhibitors and water softeners in this product help prevent rusting of ferrous metals and scale build-up in heating coils.


 POWER BRITE conc is designed to clean the inside and outside of over the road tractors, trailers and other type commercial vehicles. It will clean and brighten aluminum surfaces as well as painted surfaces without damage when used as directed. This product will remove carbon stack stain and magnetic road film from trailers without brushing. It is designed for heavy duty cleaning such as drive through truck washes. POWER BRITE conc will work in cold water as well as hot water, and rinse free at any temperature.

Formula 596

FORMULA #596 is designed to clean and degrease commercial kitchens. This product will remove carbon stain, grease, oil, tar, and burnt deposits from most kitchen surfaces. This product has been found to be effective in removing stains in Chinese restaurants. It will work best in hot water, and rinse free at any temperature.

Formula 496

SC-C is a highly concentrated liquid detergent especially formulated with highest quality penetrants and surfactants to promote rapid emulsification of dirt, grease, and oil. This product is designed for heavy duty cleaning of off road equipment like dozers, cranes, drag lines, lifts and other commercial equipment. It works best in steam cleaners and hot water pressure washers, but can be used with cold water pressure washers. It rinses free at any temperature.

Floor Scrubber

 Floor Scrubber is designed to clean floors and other hard surfaces. PCS Floor Scrubber will work in cold water as well as hot water, and rinse free at any temperature.

So Simple

SoSimple is the Green Cleaner that is user friendly but unkind to dirt, grease, oil, mold, mildew, soap scum, etc.. With a pleasant deodorizing scent, SoSimple can be used full strength for heavy duty cleaning and degreasing or diluted for any cleaning need from appliances to laundry pre-soak, to glass and mirrors.

Touch Free

 LPW can best be described as a product that will effectively remove road film from automotive finishes without the use of highly corrosive acids in alkalis. A single step product that incorporates effective chemical builders, emulsifiers, and surfactants to give your car wash system the touch-less advantage. LPW is phosphate free and biodegradable, allowing your system to meet some of the more stringent state and local water regulations.

Windshield Washer

This is a concentrate product that mixes up to 3:1 with water for a cold weather blend. We also carry a line of wall-mount mixers for a consistent blend every time.

Brake Wash

A quick drying product similar to those found in aerosol cans with the cost savings of buying in bulk. We also carry the re-usable cans for dispensing this product.

Citrus D-Tar

Product contains extract of soy bean oil and d-limonene, combined with biodegradable surfactants formulated to dissolve and remove grease, oils, tars, etc., from industrial and automotive surface. Biodegradable product that contains no harmful or hazardous ingredients. Environmentally friendly and safe to use. This product has many cleaning uses that may not be listed.

KO Chemicals

Twister Purple™ #9144

A high foaming, neon purple colored presoak with a pleasing grape fragrance designed to be used in self-service, automatic, or tunnel car washes. This premium formula is exceptional at loosening soil, road film, and grime with its balance of solvents, sequesterants, and surfactants. Its colored foam and pleasing fragrance increases sales by making cleaning fun. 100% Biodegradable.

Lightning ™

A high foaming, low pH presoak designed for two-step cleaning systems. This non-hydrofluoric formula contains special lubricants for friction washes, yet versatile enough for touchless systems.

Fleet Kleen™

A concentrated cleaner formulated for frictionless high pressure washing with a clean citrus fragrance. This mixture of synthetic detergents and solvents handle a multitude of cleaning problems.

Super Red™

Our premium, super-concentrated exterior wash is 100% active. This special blend of surfactants and alkalinity is optimal for grime and road film removal on tractors and tankers.

Foam Kleen™

  • Rich, white foam
  • Bubble gum fragrance
  • Maximum level of show
  • Ultra Concentrated

Foam Kleen Gold™ #9309

  • Rich, gold foam
  • Fiesta Colada™ fragrance
  • Maximum level of show
  • Ultra Concentrated

Foam Kleen Pink™ #9310

  • Rich, pink foam
  • Wild cherry fragrance
  • Maximum level of show
  • Ultra Concentrated

Foam Kleen Blue™ #9316

  • Rich, blue foam
  • Grape fragrance
  • Maximum level of show
  • Ultra Concentrated

Tri-Shine Gold™

Tri-Shine™ Gold is a carnauba and silicone base wax-like formulation designed specifically for the car wash industry, both tunnels and automatics. Special ingredients provide instant wax-like protection with long lasting durability in all types of weather. 100% Biodegradable and easy to use.

Tri-Shine Red™ #9151

Tri-Shine™ Red is a carnauba and silicone base wax-like formulation designed specifically for the car wash industry, both tunnels and automatics. Special ingredients provide instant wax-like protection with long lasting durability in all types of weather. 100% Biodegradable and easy to use.

Tri-Shine Blue™ #9252

Tri-Shine™ Blue is a carnauba and silicone base wax-like formulation designed specifically for the car wash industry, both tunnels and automatics. Special ingredients provide instant wax-like protection with long lasting durability in all types of weather. 100% Biodegradable and easy to use.

Aqua Sheild™ #9245

Aqua-Shield™ is an all-surface protectant that repels rain and creates a shield that bonds to paint, glass, chrome and other surfaces.  Contains UV inhibitors and a proprietary blend of reactive silicone polymers for long lasting protection and shine.


Sheen™ is formulated specifically for the car wash industry as a beading rinse aid with a pleasing cherry fragrance. Special ingredients leave a smooth, long lasting layer of protection, even on the sides of the vehicle, that promotes the beading of water. Its excellent beading of water is ideal for tunnel or automatic car wash systems with forced air dryers while its pleasing cherry fragrance makes it ideal for self-service bays. Easy to Use and 100% Biodegradable.

Black Ice™

Black Ice™ is formulated specifically for the car wash industry as a low pH beading rinse aid with a unique licorice fragrance. Special ingredients leave a smooth, long lasting layer of protection, even on the sides of the vehicle, that promotes the beading of water. Its excellent beading of water is ideal for tunnel or automatic car wash systems with forced air dryers while its pleasing licorice fragrance makes it ideal for self-service bays.


Flash™ is a liquid concentrate specifically formulated for tough soils associated with tire and wheel cleaning. It is safe for all types of wheels, including aluminum and magnesium, and will not damage clearcoats. It brightens raised lettered tires as well as cleans difficult wire and honeycomb wheels touchlessly. FlashTM is a non-acid, non-caustic, biodegradable formula designed for the carwash owner who values repeat business and for the detail owner who’s looking for an effective product that saves time. 100% Biodegradable.

Wheel Kleen™ #9340

Wheel Kleen™ is a high foaming liquid concentrate formulated for cleaning grease and heavy soil loads from wheels and tires. The unique blend of complex phosphates, alkaline builders, and non-ionic surfactants provide the optimal level of alkalinity and wetting properties for maximum penetration of soils. 100% Biodegradable.


Pro-Shine is a water-based, high shine, all purpose, protectant dressing that imparts a beautiful, new-like shine on tires, trim, vinyl, and rubber with one wipe. It spreads evenly on surfaces preventing annonying spotting often associated with inexpensive dressings and penetrates surfaces deeply for long lasting protection. This product complies with all VOC regulations.

Trailer Brite™

Trailer Briteis a superb liquid cleaner formulated for car, truck, and bus washing. This unique blend of builders, chelators, and surfactants quickly penetrates and removes tough road soils. Trailer BriteTM is ideal for removing tough road film from cars, trucks & trailers, heavy equipment, fleet vehicles, or any other surface that needs a tough cleaner. It is non-flammable, non-phosphate, and biodegradable.

Power Kleen™

Our Heaviest Duty Powdered Vehicle Detergent. Power KleenTM is a powdered compound formulated for washing passenger cars and trucks in Automatic and Self-Serve car / truck wash systems and for hand washing. It can also be used as a general purpose cleaner.

Citri Brite™ 

For operators becoming increasingly concerned with issues regarding worker safety, equipment corrosion, and discharge issues regarding floride. Citri-Brite™ is a revolutionary citric acid based aluminum cleaner and brightener with an unsurpassed blend of acids, surfactants, and solvents that cleans and brightens aluminum. Citri-BriteTM eliminates toxic concerns associated with hydrofluoric acid, enhancing your employees’ safety and your company’s future. Citri-BriteTM replaces your existing hydrofluoric acid brightener at a competitive price. It is also excellent as the first step in Two Step wash systems.

Brite Alume™

Bright Alume is a fast acting combination cleaner and aluminum brightener. It chemically cleans and brightens in one step, quickly removing oxide, road film, and diesel smoke from aluminum trailer bodies and other aluminum components. Bright Alume is ideal for cleaning and brightening aluminum where contact with steel is inevitable. Special additives help prevent accelerated corrosion of steel hinges, rivets, and frames common with cheap competitor brighteners.

Polymeric Release Agent™ #4014

KO Manufacturing’s Polymeric Release Agent is a special blend designed specifically for equipment used with hot asphalt. By creating a temporary, non-stick, protective surface, applications are quicker and build-up of asphalt is prevented. Polymeric Release Agent has superb release capability with most types of performance grade binders and is ideal for Superpave designed asphalt. Safe for humans, biodegradable, and non-interfering with the asphalt, KO Manufacturing’s Polymeric Release Agent is an excellent way to shorten pour times, increase the life of your machinery, and protect your employees from other release agents that are toxic.

Power Plus™

Power Plus™ is truly an all purpose liquid alkaline cleaner. It is concentrated with remarkable penetrating agents to quickly loosen the roughest soil, grease or grime. Power Plus™ is ideal for general purpose cleaning, floor cleaning, house cleaning, degreasing, carpet spot removal, glass cleaning, car and truck washing, stainless steel cleaning, and meets USDA standards for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.


Ultra™ is our most environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner and degreaser designed for a number of industries and applications. It is a mixture of synthetic detergents, solvents, sequestrants and corrosion inhibitors which act together to handle many types of soils. Ultra’s unique formula makes it safe for nearly all surfaces, including highly polished aluminum. It is formulated to be effective whether applied by hand or with high-pressure washers or steam cleaners. It is biodegradable, VOC exempt, non-toxic, non-butyl, contains no phenols, non-hazardous, and requires no special handling or equipment.

Ultra HD™

Ultra™ HD is a super duty liquid which can be used in a variety of applications. It cleans quickly and thoroughly producing no irritating fumes. It is economical and minimizes wastes associated with slow dissolving powders. It has a mild odor, gives a generous foam, and rinses easily with water. Ultra™ HD meets USDA requirements and is the professional’s choice for meat and poultry room cleaning. This formula is biodegradable and non-toxic.

Super Degreaser™ #219

Super Degreaser is a heavy duty liquid cleaner designed especially for steam and vent hood cleaning; however, it also has a wide application of uses where a highly caustic, yet thorough and penetrating product is needed. It is ideal for stripping paint, rust, or heavy grease from cast iron or carbon steel surfaces. Super Degreaser also contains special ingredients that will etch aluminum white as well as special corrosion inhibitors for mild corrosion protection.

Tidy Wash™

Tidy Wash is an exceptional consumer laundry detergent designed for everyday cleaning of most fabrics in all temperatures. This phosphate-free detergent is blended with premium additives such as optical brighteners, emulsifiers, and anti-redeposition agents for exceptional cleaning and outperforms many leading competitors. Tidy Wash is safe for lower energy wash machines.

All Clean Plus™

All-Clean Plus™ is a specially formulated blend of solvents, low-foaming surfactants, builders, and corrosion inhibitors designed for parts cleaning of a variety of metals in high pressure spray-jet cabinets. This non-caustic, nonflammable, biodegradable, quick-release, and water soluble detergent is ideal for automated dispensing systems, safe for water-reclaim units, and is California and EPA VOC exempt. This long lasting formula gives users an increased bath life to reduce costs and efficiencies.

Pre-Clean™ Plus #229

Pre-Clean Plus™ is a heavy-duty, high alkaline cleaner for use in industrial hot soak tanks or spray cabinet washers. It routes out and removes heavy greases and carbons. Pre-Clean Plus™ is a powerful formula, with a long lasting solution, and a greater efficiency over long periods of time. Pre-Clean Plus™ has a rust inhibitor added to the formula to help prevent spray cabinets and parts from rusting. 100% Biodegradable.

Cast Iron Cleaner™ #251

Cast Iron Cleaner is an extra heavy duty, alkaline cleaner for use in industrial hot tanks or parts cleaning spray cabinets. Strong cleaning agents remove heavy greases and carbons while special defoaming agents increase rinse efficiency and keep foaming to a minimum. This powerful, long lasting formula has greater efficiency and increased corrosion protection than many other cleaners. Completely Biodegradable. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SOFT METALS

Metal Prep™ #119

Metal Prep™ is a ONE -STEP acid cleaner, phosphate coater and light rust stripper. It is used to wipe down metal, remove light rust and heat treat scale and hard water lime. It also gives a light phosphate coating to metals prior to finishing for better paint adhesion and bonding.

Iron Kote™ #120

Iron Kote™ is a liquid which produces a crystalline iron phosphate coating on steel, cast-iron, and zinc coated alloys by spray or immersion methods. It provides the excellent corrosion protection and exceptional paint adhesion to that of untreated metal. Iron Kote™ is designed specifically for the industrial user who wishes to save time by using a one-step cleaner/phosphatizer.

Metal Seal™ #285

Metal Seal™ is a liquid sealant which provides an inhibitive seal on phosphated surfaces, increasing corrosion resistance without reducing paint adhesion. Ideal for pretreatment of surfaces before painting, Metal Seal™ removes residual soil and phosphate sludge from surfaces as well as providing an extra layer of corrosion protection. It is easy to use and effective on iron, zinc, and manganese phosphated surfaces.

Rust Prevent™ #290

Rust Prevent™ is a superb rust prevent formula. This non-nitrite formula is designed to leave a protective coating on metals. It also provides long lasting protection from corrosion causing elements. Rust Prevent™ is designed for a wide variety of applications. It’s combination of chemicals prevent rust on all ferrous materials.

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