Cuda Automatic Parts Washers for Quick Cleaning

Automatic parts washers are ideal for any industry that needs to clean parts or components. Ideal for auto or truck repair shops, airline maintenance, hydraulics, electronics and manufacturing because of the time savings and efficiency they offer.

Automatic Parts Washers

With its patented spray wash technology, Cuda’s SJ top load parts washer eliminates the need for drive motors. Its water-propelled spray arm and nozzles spin to clean parts from every angle.

Cuda Top Loading Parts Washer

The Cuda top load parts washers comes standard with a chain drive assembly, virtually maintenance-free vertical seal-less pump, and disc oil skimmer that can be automated for convenience in disposing of oil. Easy access removable debris screen set it apart from other top-loaders on the market.

Cuda Front Load Parts Washer

With a working height of 60-inches and turntable diameter of 48-inches, the Cuda 4860 is one of the largest parts washers in the lineup. This unit boasts an impressive 5000-lb load capacity.

Professional Cleaning Systems 

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