Reasons Why You Should Have Your Machine Tuned Up and Adjusted:


  1. All our pressure washer techs are factory trained to identify potential safety hazards on the equipment.
  2. All hoses, fittings, guns, pressure relief valves are inspected to provide protection from catastrophic failure that could result in harm to employees or property
  3. All burner systems are inspected for improper burning of diesel fuel and adjustments made insure safe operation of the machine

Oil Burner:

  1. Inefficient combustion of the burner can result in excessive smoking, increased fuel consumption, loss of temperature or complete failure of the machine.
  2. Burner and coil failures can result in hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repairs and downtime.

Pressure Calibration:

All units are designed to operate at a factory preset pressure and flow rate. NO LOWER/NO HIGHER. Decrease in pressure output will decrease your cleaning efficiency and increased pressure will drastically reduce the life of your machine, resulting in catastrophic failure of the pump and motor. Our technician will adjust your machine to its peak operating pressures and flows.

Our 24-Point Tune-Up checks the following items:

  1. Power Supply and Electrical
  2. Water Connections
  3. Pumping System
  4. Electric Motor / Gas Engine
  5. Heating/Burner Module
  6. Hoses, guns and wands
  7. Detergent feed

You will receive a detailed report of the technician’s findings AND we change all oils and filter on the unit.

Adjusting your equipment on a regular basis will prevent unwanted shut downs in the future that will require a more expensive server call.

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